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Birth of the Empires, also known as "BotE", is a game being developed by a group of Germans, led by SirPustekuchen. BotE is a downloadable game that was originally intended as a spiritual successor to BotF.

Recent fears over legalities, however, has meant that the Trek content was removed from the official version hosted by SirPustekuchen.

The original game now features completely new game content. The game is highly moddable however, and a Star Trek mod will be the first total conversion mod of the game. This may sound like a strange system, but it will help to reduce or avoid many legal issues.

Main features:

- Up to 4 (will be 6 in the final version) playable races and 142 so-called "minor" races
- Relatively large 30x20-sector 2D galaxy map with one sector representing 20 lightyears in diameter
- TCP/IP LAN and internet multiplayer and singleplayer
- AI with scalable difficulty levels, also with non-cheating level
- Ship battles and invasions (no visualization yet which is in progress, see media section here on-site)
- Complete empire management like planetary build-ups and resource trading
- Diplomatic actions such as alliances, war pacts, trade agreements and bribing with all occuring species in-game
- Runs on Linux using WINE and Win2k, XP and Vista

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